At the Marcus Lewis Tennis Center, we have two primary locations: MLTC East and MLTC West.


MLTC West is located at 102 Nonset Path in Acton. The facility has four, pristine courts that are covered by a protective dome from late September through early May. During that period, the public can purchase a membership to book courts or to take lessons. Available hours to play are from 6:00AM through 11:00PM seven days a week.

When the courts are uncovered from June through late August, the courts can only be used for lessons. Open play time is reserved exclusively for the residents of the surrounding condominium complex. No membership fee is necessary to take lessons from April through August.

Indoor Membership Fee to MLTC West

$139/adult, $75/Child (Age 8+)

West Membership Fee After February 1

$70/adult, $40/Child (Age 8+)

Indoor Court Fee at MLTC West



MLTC East is located at 10 Granite Road in Acton.  The facility boasts four outdoor courts and six indoor courts.  The indoor courts have excellent upper-viewing areas and the lighting is superb for indoor court play.

Memberships to MLTC East provide year-round access to both the indoor and the outdoor facilities.  There is no charge for members to book the outdoor courts. Hours of operation are:

Fall thru Spring Hours
Monday-Friday 7:00am -10:30pm
Saturday 7:00am – 9:30pm
Sunday 7:00am – 8:00pm

Summer Hours
Monday-Friday  7:00am – 9:30pm
Saturday 7:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday 7:00am – 8:00pm

No membership fee is necessary to take instructional programs from April through August.

Membership Fee to MLTC East & West

$249/adult, $139/Child (Age 8+)

East Membership Fee After February 1

$135/adult, $70/Child (Age 8+)

Indoor Court Fee at MLTC East


Satellite locations

The MLTC also operates in other locations within Acton and in neighboring towns. If you are taking lessons exclusively at any of our outside locations, then a membership is not required.

Membership questions?

If you have any questions about how it all works, please send a note directly to our Front Desk Manager, Marsha, or you can reach her or other front desk staff who can help at 978 264 8349 ext. 7.