The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center



to the largest tennis program in Middlesex County

The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center (MLTC) has two primary locations in the town of Acton: MLTC East (10 Granite Road) and MLTC West (102 Nonset Path).  14 courts between the two clubs!  Combined with our satellite locations and school programs, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as the dominant tennis provider in the area.  Whether you are just starting out or if your child has aspirations of playing professionally, our staff has already been there and can show you the way.



Rishi Dasari!
MLTC Masters Player
& Winner of the 7/17/21
Andover, 16U L6 Tournament!

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Current Events
UTR Flex League Play

Are you looking for singles match play with a variety of players?  Do you need flexibility with scheduling your matches?  The MLTC has run a very successful “flex league” program for a number of years.  As a result, the ubiquitous Universal Tennis Rating program (UTR) asked us to exclusively manage their entire Boston & Surrounding Areas Flex Leagues.  After only a few weeks of launching there are already over 100 players registered to our UTR page!  Click here to get a full overview of the program.

Mixed Doubles Round Robin

The MLTC hosts a phenomenal mixed doubles round robin multiple times each weekend at MLTC East for players of varying levels.

A membership is not required and you do not need to come with a partner.  Registration is on a week-to-week basis, so there is no long-term commitment. For non-members the fee to play is $25 and is $20 for MLTC East members. New balls are provided for each match and players rotate partners/opponents throughout the evening. This is a great way to meet other people who enjoy fun, casual, yet competitive, tennis match play. Click here to get more information on this wonderful program.

Summer Tennis Camp
Registration Open

Summer is here! We are currently registering tennis students of every age and level for all four of our Summer Camp programs. Our Ultimate Tennis Camp focuses on younger, less experienced players. This camp is a great way to introduce to tennis while keeping the active during the summer break. Our Junior Training Camp and Advanced Training Camp are designed for older, more experienced players looking to improve their game and/or play competitively. We also offer Summer Mini Camps at multiple satellite locations.

Summer Programming

We are starting to fill up our summer session lessons! The session began on June 20th and will run through August 28th. Lessons run from early morning through late evening hours seven days a week. Membership is NOT required.

Contact us ASAP if you’s like to join in the fun!   Whether you are looking for junior or adult classes, the MLTC has a full array of options.  Please Cheryl at for Adult lessons and Christi at for Juniors classes.

Our COVID-19 Protocols

Are you interested to see how the MLTC is operating during the pandemic?  Click here for an overview of how we are conducting our classes.  Do you need to do a Daily Health Attestation for summer camp?  CLICK HERE for the form.


Does your child want to play the game at its highest level?

This program is definitely not for everyone, but for the player who is dedicated, disciplined and hungry, it’s a dream come true. A structured blueprint of training to ascend the ranks of competitive tennis, guidance from staff who themselves have played in ATP and ITF events, traveling coaches who watch matches and a sponsorship for clothing and equipment similar to a professional player.

Don’t let your child just be a number or a dollar sign at a club and don’t settle for good when they can have the best.  Watch the video, visit this page and contact us if you believe it’s a match.