The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center



to the largest tennis program in Middlesex County

The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center (MLTC) has two primary locations in the town of Acton: MLTC East (10 Granite Road) and MLTC West (102 Nonset Path).  14 courts between the two clubs!  Combined with our satellite locations and school programs, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as the dominant tennis provider in the area.  Whether you are just starting out or if your child has aspirations of playing professionally, our staff has already been there and can show you the way.

In addition to tennis, we have a very popular up and coming Pickleball program in the area. Visit our Pickleball Pages to learn more.

Congrats to our recent champ!

Divya Mathur won her 1st USTA U10 tournament  at the Dedham Health & Athletic Center…winning all three matches in style!




See all of our champions here

Current Events

We are thrilled to announce the Winter Classic Junior Tennis Tournaments at Marcus Lewis Tennis Center

Junior Doubles Tournament
Sun. Feb 18th
9am – 5pm
$25 per player (partner required to enter)
Enter by Feb. 14th!

Junior Singles Tournament
Sat. Feb 24th
9am – 5pm
$40 per player
Enter by Feb. 20th!

Membership is not required to play!
To sign up, contact Coach Carlson

Sign up today for our February Vacation Camps and Clinics

February 19th – February 23rd

Adult Tennis Vacation Week Camps
Mon-Fri 9am -12pm

Monday & Wednesday 12pm -1:30 pm

Save Our Serve (SOS)
Tuesday & Thursday 12pm -1pm

Contact Elaine to signup

Feb. Break Junior Tennis Camps

Only $85/day and No membership Required!

To sign up, contact:

Orange Ball, Yellow Ball, Red Ball, Green Ball Junior Mini Camps
Mon. – Fri. 2pm – 5pm

Pickleball Round Robins

What is a Round Robin?
Round Robins are structured based on the number of players. Each player will receive a number then play games according to a chart. The chart indicates your partner, opponent, and court. As games complete, the chart is consulted to find out assignments for the next game. There will be someone at the session to lead the group and setup the session.

In a full round robin, there are lots of opportunities to play. You may have a game assignment where you have a “bye” and will take a rest but everyone gets equal playing time. This is a great way to play with an against a wide variety of players.

Ready to Play?
Login to your MLTC account to sign up.
Daily Round Robin sessions are listed under Group Activities

Winter Open Play Sessions

What is Open Play?
Open Play provides a series of set times each week for players to rotate in and out of games and play with different partners. There is a lot of opportunity to play and it’s a great way to get to know other pickleball players.
Winners of each pickleball game will normally stay on the court and split up to allow two more players who are waiting in line to come play. Once a winner has won two games in a row, they would also come off the court and allow new players to mix in.

Ready to Play?
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Open Play sessions are listed under Group Activities

Indoor Court Bookings

Who says you have to wait until Spring to play again?

We have tennis and pickleball courts available for any type of weather all year round.

Learn more about court bookings

New Year, New String

Millenium Fireworks string is being discontinued and MLTC has limited stock remaining. It is being replaced with MSV Focus Hex Ultra, the most comparable replacement string.  If Millennium Fireworks is your string of choice, then contact us to get your racquet restrung while supplies last!

If you’re ready for something new, we’re excited to be carrying the latest Zero by Restring. Zero is a co poly string that is designed to have longer lasting playability and snapback uses a hexagonal shape help create more spin. Bring your racquet into MLTC and have it restrung with the new Zero – All for only $35!!

If you have a question about our racquet stringing services, please contact the Front Desk

Adult Pickleball Mini-Camps

Feb 19th – Feb 23rd
9am – 11am

Monday 2.5-3.25 with Caryn
Tuesday 3.5+ with Bob
Wednesday 2.5-3.25 with Bob
Thursday 3.5+ with Bob
Friday 2.0-2.5 with Caryn

The cost is $48/camp & No membership required to join!!

Spaces are limited. To sign up, contact Ann-Marie


Does your child want to play the game at its highest level?

This program is definitely not for everyone, but for the player who is dedicated, disciplined and hungry, it’s a dream come true. A structured blueprint of training to ascend the ranks of competitive tennis, guidance from staff who themselves have played in ATP and ITF events, traveling coaches who watch matches and a sponsorship for clothing and equipment similar to a professional player.

Don’t let your child just be a number or a dollar sign at a club and don’t settle for good when they can have the best.  Watch the video, visit this page and contact us if you believe it’s a match.