At the MLTC, tennis for EVERYONE also means access for EVERYONE.

The club has built a network of various transportation resources in order for junior players to be able to reach the club for their lessons.


At the start of the Fall 2 indoor session, we offer busing from the RJ Grey Middle School directly to the MLTC through the end of June.  This service is offered on EVERY weekday except Thursdays.

If your children play in the RJ Club Program, then they can seamlessly transition for more tennis in the winter.  Release at RJ is at 2:36PM.  Our vehicle arrives by 2:40PM and brings players to their class which runs from 3:00-4:30PM.  This is a completely FREE service!  We also waive the junior membership fee if players choose to only do the after school program (i.e. if your child would like to participate in a different class or would like to take advantage of private instruction, then the membership fee will apply).

Also keep in mind that if your child plays through the winter to the end of school, then we also add a FREE week of Ultimate Tennis Camp, Junior Training Camp in Acton or our Mini-Camp program in Westford.

If your child participates in a class that is offered later in the afternoon or on a different day, then you should look into MinuteVan Dial-A-Ride.

Dial-A-Ride is a service funded by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation that provides Acton residents transportation services from one location in Acton to any other location in Acton for $1. Yes, you read that right. For $1. Rides can be arranged between the hours of 8:00AM to 11:00AM and 12:15PM to 6:15PM. Although it may seem too good to be true, we have a number of members who are currently taking advantage of this service and love it. We were somewhat skeptical ourselves until we noticed the same van dropping off in our parking lot and then spoke to parents about it.

There is a centralized pick-up at RJ Grey at 3:35PM and the vehicle then picks up at the high school for 3:45PM everyday after school.

You can find out more via their website: or go to their Dial-A-Ride brochure by clicking here.


During the spring, the MLTC provides transportation directly from the Littleton Middle School for the Littleton Middle School team.  Kids are picked up at the release time of 1:45PM and brought to our MLTC West facility for their 2:15PM practice or 2:30PM match time.  Be sure to register early if you need busing as space in limited.


Outdoor programs in Westford during the fall are held at the Stony Brook Middle School courts, however if your child goes to the Blanchard Middle School, he/she can easily take the bus from Blanchard to Stony Brook.  Players arrive at Stony Brook by 2:15PM which is perfect for the 2:30PM start of the middle school team.  It also works well for our fall classes that are held there.

Once the outdoor session ends, we have a vehicle that does its first pick-up at the Stony Brook School at 1:55PM and then does a second pick-up at the Blanchard School by 2:10.  From there the bus arrives at the MLTC by 2:25PM for their 2:30-4:30PM class.  This service is offered all weekdays except Thursdays. Again, this is a FREE service and the membership fee is waived for any kids who are only doing the after school class.  Players also qualify for a free week of Ultimate Tennis Camp, Junior Training Camp in Acton or our Mini-Camp program in Westford!


2019/2020 marks the launch of our Concord shuttle!

Click on the image to see a larger version.

Kids can pick up the MLTC van at the Sanborn School at 1:15PM on Tuesdays (early release) and at 2:45 on Wednesdays and Fridays.  From there the vehicle arrives at the MLTC by 1:35PM for their 1:45PM (Tuesdays) class and 3:05 for their 3:15 class.  This is a FREE service and the membership fee is waived for any players doing the afterschool classes.

This also allows kids to be a part of the middle school-age team that competes against other schools in the middle school tennis league!  Click here for more details on the middle school program.

Players also qualify for a free week of Ultimate Tennis Camp, Junior Training Camp in Acton or our Mini-Camp program in Westford if they play from September through June!

Contact our green/yellow ball programmer, Christi, in you need more information: 978 264 8349 ext. 5 or