General Junior Class Schedule

 Red Ball (Ages 4-7)
Red Ball: Young players start with a red ball that is larger, slower and lighter. The smaller court and lower net are scaled to size for these players which allows them to cover the court, hit more balls and build confidence. At this stage, juniors develop their technique and learn simple tactics.
Orange Ball (Ages 8-9)
Orange Ball: Orange balls are the same size as a standard yellow ball, but are lighter and bounce lower. Play is on a mid-sized court with a standard net and juniors continue to build technique and tactical skills.
Green Ball (Ages 10-12)
Green Ball: As junior players grow and build their skills for strokes, movement and tactics, they move to a full sized court. The green ball is slightly lighter and slower than a yellow ball which gives them more time to get to and return shots.
Yellow Ball (Ages 11+)
Yellow Ball – For the intermediate and advanced level players who aspire to compete in USTA tournaments or join their high school tennis team. The focus is on enhancing strokes and tactics for singles and doubles play.

Can’t find the class you want or the time doesn’t work with your schedule? Contact us and we will try to build a custom group!