MLTC Matchmaker

Are you looking for players to play with? Can’t find the time to schedule a match with someone else? The MLTC Matchmaker service is the ultimate medium to locate other players of similar ability for both singles matches or to find practice partners.

How does it work?
Just send an email to and list your availability. If you are new to the club, then we may set up a free 5-10 minute evaluation with you so that we can accurately gauge your level. From there, we will handle the arrangements of booking the court and sending you a confirmation. Learn more about determining your level here.

Local players enjoying some new competition.

Who will I be partnered with?
Our goal is to find another member at the same level as you. This is independent of age or gender unless you specify otherwise.

How much advance notice do I need to give?
The more the better, but 24 hours at a minimum. Please keep in mind that the more time we have to work with, the more likely we are to find you an opponent or practice partner.

What is the cost?
During the indoor season, this service is absolutely FREE!  Your only charge is the cost of splitting the court.  During the outdoor season we charge an administrative fee of $15.

Which facility are matches played at?
Matches may be scheduled at either location.

What if I or my opponent are members of MLTC West but the match is booked at MLTC East?
As long as you are a member of either facility, then your match may be played at either location. Which facility the match is booked at will depend on court availability.