About The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center

MLTC coach, Matt Chandler, refining the volleys of some junior students.

At the Marcus Lewis Tennis Center, we truly believe that tennis is for everyone. Whether younger or older, beginner or advanced, rich or not-so-rich, we are here to serve “everyone.”

In our modern world, it is amazing how far technology has come yet we often shake our heads at the poor service we typically receive. A professional approach towards customers appears as though it should be common sense, however this is seldom the case. Whether it is returning a phone call within a 24-hour period or following up on a client’s request, this should always take top priority. At our facility, it does.

With regard to tennis instruction, players are looking for guidance from instructors with the experience and knowledge to help them further their game. It is also very easy to receive inaccurate information that will hinder a player’s progress and prevent them from achieving their goals. As many player’s have experienced, instruction from tennis pros at the same facility does not always equate to consistent information.

All instructors at The MLTC have been tutored under a uniform system so that the information players receive is accurate. The techniques employed by our pros are exceptionally effective at giving players both an understanding of their strokes as well as the ability to execute them.

Director of High Performance Tennis, John Hattersley, explaining the finer points of the game to some tournament juniors.

The MLTC is an operation that was born out of both a commitment to service and a commitment to excellence. Despite our operation being erected in the midst of competition from both year-round and seasonal facilities, there was never a doubt that we had the secret formula for success.

If you are looking for an environment where your children can train, regardless of whether they are beginners or nationally ranked juniors, you may wish to read an open letter from the owner, Marcus Lewis, describing his background and the development of the junior program here at the MLTC.

The MLTC has been helping players develop their tennis games since 1997 and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Our staff is comprised of certified professionals, enthusiastic players, and other qualified personnel whose job it is to see that you enjoy this game. If that’s not happening, then let us know so that we can sound the alarm and get to work on it ASAP!