Ultimate Tennis Camp

Ultimate Tennis Camp (UTC) was a concept started in 1997 at a small facility called The Heritage Swim and Tennis Club in Concord, Massachusetts.

UTC operates out of our MLTC East location at 10 Granite Road in Acton. Campers play outdoors during the nice weather. However, during inclement weather or when temperatures and humidity are dangerously high, players are moved inside to our indoor courts that are substantially cooler.

Even our smallest players without much experience learn some great technique during Ultimate Tennis Camp.


UTC begins and ends with one simple premise: to have fun. Although that seems obvious, it is not always the case when a beginning or intermediate level player is practicing hitting backhands in the hot, summer sun. Unfortunately, the reality is that for many players, they become bored.

At UTC, the kids are motivated in two unique ways. First, when players succeed at an activity by either hitting a cone or making a basket, they receive points. These points are then used to buy things such as cans of tennis balls, water bottles, candy, etc. Because of how the camp is structured and handicapped, ALL of the campers no matter what their level, earn enough points to make purchases.

The second motivator is the types of activities that the kids engage in. There are numerous games and exercises which are fun and challenging for the campers to participate in.

Age and Skill Level

The indoor courts keep the fun continuing during inclement weather.

The program is designed so that a younger and less experienced player has just as much of a chance to win points as an older participant. Even if your child has never held a racquet before, this is a fantastic medium in which to start them. Only players holding rankings in the USTA (United States Tennis Association) are prohibited from participating due to level restrictions. If you have a child who you feel is too advanced for this camp and would be interested in more match play, then you may be interested in our Junior Training Camp.

UTC is generally for boys and girls ages 6-13. As for level, kids are separated onto different courts relative to their age and skill level.

Was your child registered for a clinic in ALL 4 of our sessions, Fall 1, Fall2, Winter & Spring, from September through  June?  This means all JTP/Masters players!  If so, they qualify for buy 1 week and get 1 week free of our half-day camp!  9:00AM-1:00PM OR 2:00PM-5:00PM.  No more than 1 free week per player.  Value not to exceed $375.00.  Let our registrar, Joanne, know when you sign up!

UTC will run during the following weeks of 2021:

Week 1: June 21 - June 25
Week 4: July 12 - July 16
Week 7: August 2 - August 6
Week 2: June 28 - July 2
Week 5: July 19- July 23
Week 8: August 9 - August 13
Week 3: July 5 - July 9
Week 6: July 26- July 30
Week 9: August 16- August 20
Week 10: August 23 - August 27

9:00-1:00 – $375/week OR $2,250 for 6-10 weeks*
2:00-5:00 – $275/week OR $1,650 for 6-10 weeks*
9:00-5:00 – $599/week OR $3,590 for 6-10 weeks*

Extended Day – 8:00-9:00 $55/wk
5:00-6:00 $50/wk
8:00-9:00 & 5:00-6:00 $99/wk

*That’s correct!  For the cost of 6 weeks of camp, you can enroll your child into 6, 7, 8, 9 or all 10 weeks!  Restrictions do apply:

  • Cannot be combined with the free week offer.
  • Must be paid in full by June 14th.
  • Changes to weeks attending cannot be made less than 7 days prior to a registered week (i.e. we need at least 7 days’ notice if a player decides not to attend a week that he/she is registered for.  Affects staffing).
  • Full weeks’ payment required for any no-shows or late cancellations.

Please register through the link below. You will first make an account (no membership is required) and then choose the option for “Ultimate Tennis Camp.”  For more information contact our Registrar Joanne Crawley at joanne@marcuslewisenterprises.com.

What to Wear and Bring to Camp

  • ​Your child should wear athletic or tennis apparel to camp.​  Since camp is outdoors, clothing that wicks the sweat is always good.  Sneakers are a must.  A hat or visor also helps protect from the sun.
  • We ask you to apply sunscreen before camp to maximize it’s effectiveness and save time at camp.
  • Your child should bring a racket if he/she has one, but don’t worry if he/she doesn’t, as we have many to loan.  Our pros are always happy to help your family with the correct sizing, too.
  • Your child should​ bring a full water bottle with them.  Staying hydrated is critically important.  We have refill stations throughout the club and the pros are constantly reinforcing the need to drink.
  • We do not serve food but we do offer freeze pops on hot days.
  • While we are not a nut free facility, we do ask and encourage you to avoid bringing foods with nuts due to the number of campers with allergies.
  • If you are attending the morning session (9:00-1:00), you should bring a couple of healthy snacks or a light lunch.
  • If you are attending the full day session (9:00-5:00), several snacks along with a healthy lunch are needed.
  • If you are attending the afternoon session (2:00-5:00)​, a healthy snack for a mid-session break is a good idea.
  • If your child’s lunch needs to be kept cold, we do have a refrigerator available.

Per the Department of Health, you may contact us for copies of our background check, health care and discipline policies as well as procedures for filing grievances.