Tennis-Specific Fitness Training

Fitness is a key component in order for players to advance their game to higher levels.  Increased strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, etc. are all critical in maximizing a player’s ability to be effective on a tennis court as well as to avoid injury.

Tennis-specific fitness expert, Marko Stanic.

It is extremely difficult to find a true tennis-specific trainer who has both played the sport and who also understands contemporary fitness principles.  Luckily we came across Marko Stanic who is about the best there is.

Marko was an ATP/ITF ranked player representing Bosnia Herzegovina and was also a hitting partner for players at the Cincinnati 1000 Masters Tournament.  After leaving the playing world and turning to coaching, Marko found his passion in training players.  He has followed the path of a strength/conditioning coach who is geared toward tennis.  Marko has studied the biomechanics of tennis movement and he has received certifications in areas that make him uniquely qualified to evaluate, assess and guide players toward optimizing their abilities.

Marko going through a comprehensive physical assessment of an MLTC Masters player.

The MLTC discovered Marko through our friends at the Longfellow Clubs and New England Academy of Tennis (NEAOT) who have graciously allowed us to utilize his services specifically for our Masters players.  If you or your child have an interest in having an evaluation by Marko, you can contact him directly to set up a consultation by clicking here.  You won’t find a more qualified individual to help you or your child maximize performance and prevent injury.

If you are interested in gaining further knowledge about tennis fitness, you can also visit the International Tennis Federation’s website which has an excellent blueprint that is specific to the sport.  It is one of the most complete and comprehensive fitness overviews created for tennis players.

Each element is broken down into its correct category and a subsequent description is offered as well.  Information is backed with peer reviewed data, so your doctor will like it as well! Click here to view it.