2017 Summer Mini-Camps

The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center offers tennis instruction during the summer months at our satellite locations in the town of Harvard at the Bromfield School and at the Stony Brook School in Westford. We use our popular Mini-Camp format that offers one hour of instruction (1.5 for children 9+ years-old) on Monday through Thursday with Friday acting as a rain make-up date. In other words, your child would have class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week. Friday would only be used if an earlier day were rained out.

You may register your children for one week at a time or for as many weeks as you would like. The schedule is as follows:







4-5 year-olds

6-8 year-olds

9-11 year-olds

12-14 year-olds






Classes are kept at maximum student/instructor ratios of 5:1. To register, please fill out the form below. If you are registering multiple children, fill out all of the information below and submit it for your first child. You may leave out your general contact information for any additional children you are registering.

Dates for 2019 are below:  

June 24 - June 27
July 22 - July 25
August 12 - August 18
July 8 - July 11
July 29 - August 1
July 15 - July 18
August 5 - August 8

To register for the Harvard mini-camp, please visit Harvard Community Education.

To register for the Westford mini-camp, please visit this page and fill out the appropriate information form.