Singles Flex League

Flex league matches are played when it’s convenient for you.

The MLTC has run a very successful in-house singles flex league since the fall of 2014. This has been a great way for players to be matched with other club members at their playing level across multiple divisions. Many of the players made solid tennis connections, and made plans for casual match play as well. In the fall of 2020, the MLTC was approached by UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) to partner with them and manage UTR’s Boston & Surrounding Areas Flex Leagues. These flex leagues are open to both juniors and adults in and around Boston, giving everyone the opportunity to widen their tennis circles even further. A UTR rating has become the worldwide standard in tennis levels, all the way from the beginner up to the pros. The matches in the UTR Flex Leagues count toward players’ Verified UTR ratings. Detailed information about UTR vs. Verified UTR ratings can be found here.

What is a “flex league?”
Flex leagues are supremely “flexible” leagues that do not have set days and times to play. In these leagues, once players receive a schedule for the session, they contact their opponents each week and schedule their match for a time that is convenient for both of them.  If you have a busy schedule and have difficulty committing to a set time each week, then this is a perfect solution for you. Each session, players in all divisions play four matches in four weeks.

What skill level is required to play in the League?
Along with UTR, we run divisions that are appropriate for advanced beginners all the way up to advanced players at the college level. If you are good enough to serve the ball and hit a few shots, then we guarantee we have a division that is the appropriate level for you. Divisions are based on both UTR ratings and geographic location.

Where are the matches played and what are the rules and format?
Matches are played at courts agreed upon by you and your opponent. During the indoor season, if you are an MLTC member, you can play your matches at either MLTC East or West. In fact, if you are a West member, you can still book your match at MLTC East by calling the front desk and having them book it for you.  Keep in mind, though, that there will be times when you’ll be playing at your opponent’s home courts. During the outdoor season, players can play at any place that is convenient for both of them.

The rules and format of the flex league can be found here.

What is the cost?
The Singles (Adults & Juniors) league cost is $25 for Power Subscribers and $35 if you are not a Power Subscriber.

Matches are mixed gender and based on the level of the players.

You can read about UTR Power subscriptions here.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email Susan Brager Murphy, the league manager, at