RJ Grey Club Tennis Program

Players of all levels are welcome, including complete beginners.  Courts are formed based on level so that kids are challenged appropriately.

The schedule from September through mid-October is a practice on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays from 2:45-4:15 and matches on Thursdays and/or Fridays from 2:45-4:15. Parents can choose to enroll their child in one, two, three or all four of those days. Our goal is to make the program as flexible as possible.


The cost breaks down to being $20/hr for the 7-week session. Participation is limited to 16 players per day.

After the first fall session, we then offer an indoor extension of the program that begins at the end of October. The pricing of instruction then becomes consistent with our normal fee schedule, however we waive the membership fee (a savings of $125) in the hopes of removing barriers to getting kids involved in the sport and to give them continued access to professional instruction. Your child will then be placed into a class based on his/her level. This second fall session runs from late October to late December 22nd (8 weeks). The special membership offer allows for group instruction, however if players would like court booking privileges or to take private lessons, then the membership fee would apply.

Parents are allowed to prorate out one day during the indoor session, however we must know that date when you register. You cannot prorate or change a date after registering! Prorates are not allowed during the outdoor session at RJ because the cost is so low.

Have any questions?  Contact our programmer, Christi, directly by either emailing her at christi@marcuslewisenterprises.com or by calling 978 264 8470.

If you have more than one child and the schedule choices do not pertain to all of your children that are listed, then please clarify which class each child will be enrolled into in the “Comments” area near the bottom.

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