Racquet Maintenance Services

At the MLTC, we offer year-round professional racquet stringing and regripping services. Hopefully the information below will answer any questions that you might have.

How often should I have my racquet restrung?

This is probably the most common question about restringing and for many years there has been a general formula that is used as an approximation. The number of times you play each week is roughly the number of times you should have your racquet restrung each year. So if you play about twice a week, then it is a good idea to have your racquet strung about twice a year.

What kind of string should I get?

The MLTC can special order anything you want, however we carry a specialty line of string that will cover all of your needs. You can see all of our strings in a comparison chart by clicking here. All of our strings with the exception of AG natural and AG soft come in both 16 and 17 gauge (17 gauge is thinner and bites the ball better) and there’s no extra charge. Millenium Pop even comes in an 18 gauge!

99% of players and pros do not realize that all of the primary string suppliers (Prince, Babolat, Wilson, Gamma, Solinco, etc.) all get their strings from one of only four or five manufacturers. In other words, one company’s string version is virtually identical to the others except they put their brand on it and charge a premium. With our strings, we pass the savings on to you. We can also “hybridize” any string you would like (putting one type of string on the mains and another on the crosses).

For most players, a simple synthetic gut is all you need. It is the least expensive and an overall well-balanced string. There are still some pros who use it. If you feel you want something more specialized, then take a look at our string chart and let us know what you would like.

Fact vs. Fiction

On one hand, most players below the level of 4.0 are not going to be able to take advantage of some of the advanced properties that strings have when they strike a ball. On the other, if you think it is helping you, then the psychological belief can be a powerful aid.

Like racquets, take caution when reading “play tests” of various strings. String reviews are purely subjective. Instead, your best bet is to understand the properties of the strings and then make your own decision about what to get. You can read a great article on this website that will give a complete summary about string properties as well as how they can affect the ball and your body.

Additional Racquet Services

If you are finding that your hand is slipping on the racquet, then we will also replace your current grip for $18. If the scratch-guard or grommet strip on your racquet needs to be replaced, we can give a quote based on the cost of the part. Need it in a rush? For only $5 more, we will have it done within 24 hours. If you put our stencil on your racquet, we will even give you $1 off of your string job!

At the MLTC, we also keep a record of your racquet specs so that once you string it with us once, we will always string it that way again unless you tell us to do it otherwise.


If you have a question about our racquet stringing services, please contact the front desk and they will have the stringer get in touch with you: frontdesk@marcuslewisenterprises.com or 978 264 8349, ext. 7