Welcome to the MLTC’s latest “gamechanger” moment!

PlayViewTennis is the MLTC’s answer to helping players develop their tennis game more rapidly than anywhere else in New England, and perhaps now, the world.  Yes, that is quite a tall statement, but what we are leveraging is something that you literally cannot find anywhere else on the entire planet.

For the past year, the MLTC has been working with the founders of a new company who decided that tennis desperately needed a video recording system that is unlike anything else out there.  Current systems:

  • Are prohibitively expensive for clubs to install
  • Often expensive for clients if the fees are passed on to them
  • Require setup time prior to each session
  • Require searching for the section of interest when reviewing
  • Offer only a single viewing perspective
What does PlayViewTennis do?

An actual day at our club. No matter where you are booked, the system will record your session!

Booking Software Integration

All current recording platforms must be manually turned on and set up each time you want to use them.  With PlayViewTennis, once you have subscribed to the service, the system recognizes your court bookings, your private lessons, your clinics, etc. and will record the sessions in the cloud.  When it’s ready to view, you receive an email with a link that brings you right to the video!


Why don’t you see many clubs with ANY kind of video recording system?  The bottom line is that those systems are extremely expensive.  Many of them require a hefty installation charge and they may even require monthly fees that are in the hundreds of dollars for a single court.  PlayViewTennis is a subscription service that members simply sign up for.  As you’ll see by clicking here and visiting the PlayViewTennis pricing page, it’s extraordinarily inexpensive with plans as low as $14.99 a month!

Looking for a one-off private with video analysis?  We can easily do that!  If you want to send an instructor your own footage for analysis, we can do that as well.  Here is the pricing structure:

Private w/video analysis:  $128/hour or $75/half-hour
Stand-alone analysis: $38/hour or $25/half-hour

Just mention it when you book your lesson and the instructor will set it up.

Would you like to have a recording without the professional analysis?  The cost is just $15 per session!  Simply contact the front desk at 978 264 8349 ext. 7 and they will take care of it.

How can PlayViewTennis provide this at such a low cost?  The technology and how it is being utilized is very unique.  In fact, the tech world in the area has shown a keen interest in how this feat has been accomplished.

Not Just One Court…All of Them

Because of the efficiencies in the platform, all six courts at MLTC East are set up for this amazing service.  No matter what court you book or where your class is being held, if it’s in the building you can review your performance or that of your child.  Just another benefit of being a member at East!

An Instructor’s Dream Come True

Sports coaches typically have to rely on explaining what they would like the student to do and the coach also has to show the student what they themselves are doing.  As experienced as any coach might be, there simply is no substitute for having a player see themselves.

PlayViewTennis is superior in this arena with how it has created a unique way for coaches to critique video.  When a coach reviews film and finds something that needs to be addressed, the coach hits the “Comments” button which creates a time stamp and the instructor types in the feedback.  This can be done any number of times for a single video.  When the instructor finishes, he/she then hits the “Share” button which sends the video to the student.  When the student receives the video, at any time the player can click onto the comment and the video automatically goes exactly to that part of the recording!  Take a look at the image below as an example:

There have been roundabout attempts at addressing how to offer feedback for video using phones and iPads, however nothing even comes close to PlayViewTennis.

Are you wondering how it looks when in use?  Click on the player below to see some actual footage:


A Must-Have Advantage For Any Serious Competitive Player

If you are an adult who is feeling out of position when you play doubles and you have been told that many times, then you need to see yourself from an outside perspective.  PlayViewTennis will show you how you got there.  Does the instructor keep telling you that you are not finishing your stroke?  It is immensely helpful to see it from an outside perspective and this will allow you to do that.

Do you have some serious tournament-playing juniors?  Then your children’s time is limited as they try to move through the junior ranks and you want to maximize their chance of success.  If they can be shown their issues more quickly so that it finally resonates with them, then their learning has just been accelerated exponentially.  Why settle for less?  If they are taking lessons and spending hours on the court, then PlayViewTennis can be the piece to help them make breakthroughs much, more easily.


Right now this revolutionary system can only be found at the MLTC.  Although it will be installed at other facilities in the future, any facilities in our market must be MLTC approved in order to obtain this system.

How to Subscribe

Click here to visit our portal on PlayViewTennis which will show you how to subscribe to the service.