Pickleball Challenger League

Challenge Yourself

MLTC’s Fall Challenger League is co-ed match play for players at the 3.0 to 3.25 level. 

The Challenger Series gives players a chance to improve with a partner and against other teams of similar level. A prize will be awarded to the 1st place team at the end of the series.

We will be using the DUPR rating system where you will each register and team scores will be captured and entered each week. 



All participants need to have a Pickleball Membership at Marcus Lewis Tennis Center. An account can be upgraded or created here: https://mltc.clubautomation.com/profile/create

$84/pp for the 7-week session. 

The Pickleball Challenge League is not currently running this Fall but check back soon!

All matches will be played at MLTC West, located at 102 Nonset Path, Acton. The first two or three weeks will be held outdoors at West until the bubble is put up.  Courts have been reserved for indoor play at East incase of rain. 


  • Match assignments will be sent prior each week 
  • One match will be played each week 
  • Best 2 out of 3 games to win the match
  • Each game will play to 11, must win by a minimum of 2 points
  • Time permitting, additional play can take place after the match is completed

Any disagreements must be resolved among the four players on the court. Play cannot continue until all four players agree on how to proceed. If, in the end, a decision is made that does not fall within the rules, the agreement will stand, no matter what the rules state.

The League administrator will enter the scores into a rating system. One player from each team must email the scores to the administrator, so that the scores submitted can be cross-referenced. This should be done as soon as possible after the match but definitely within 24 hours. Once the scores have been entered, each player will receive an email notifying them that the score has been posted. They will receive a follow-up email telling them that new results have been added to their profile. If you disagree with the scores that have been entered, please notify the league administrator within 48 hours.

The standings for the league will be made available each week via a link to a spreadsheet. Keep in mind that points are awarded to teams based on the following:

Each team receives:

3 points per match played
2 points per game won
2 points per match won
– 2 points for match default  (no show, late cancellations)

If there is a tie at the end of the session, the tie breaker will be determined by the match results of the two team’s head-to-head match.  


Please arrive on time or a few minutes early. Ten minutes will be allotted for warm up and matches should start promptly after the warm-up. If a player arrives late, that player should step in at whatever point the players on the court are at and may need to forfeit the warm-up time. If a player arrives more than 15 minutes late, that player’s team will lose one game. If a player arrives more than 30 minutes late (after 9:30), that player’s team will need to forfeit the match and the opposing team will win by default. The clock at West will be the official clock for the matches.


You are responsible for finding your own subs. The league administrator, Jennifer Royce, will have a list of possible alternates, but please plan ahead and make every effort if you know you have any days that you’ll be absent. If you are looking for a sub at the last minute, you should make phone calls rather than sending an email to have a better chance of getting a response. If you know of another player that plays at the appropriate level, they may sub for you. The league administrator must be notified as soon as possible of all substitutions. Please note that if you would like to be reimbursed for the cost of the match ($12), it will be up to you to ask the sub to pay you directly. The MLTC will not be issuing refunds for missed matches.


Players and subs who do not show up for a match they are scheduled to play will be charged a $10 fee. There are no exceptions to this rule which has been instituted to deter players and subs from making that mistake, as it affects all other players, teams and matches.

If there is a no-show on any given day, the 3 players left on the court may call someone to come play or they can play Canadian Doubles. In these situations, the team whose player did not show would default the match.

If you and a teammate are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact Ann-Marie at ann.marie.sweeney@marcuslewisenterprises.com