Our Policies

At the MLTC, we do our utmost to keep tennis fun, exciting and equitable for all. Part of ensuring this is that we have various policies and procedures instituted that we strictly follow. If you have a question about something that you do not see here, please let us know so that we can add it.


MLTC uses a statement billing process for all members.

On the first of each month, you will receive a statement via email of all charges and payments that occurred in the previous month (this may include any of the following: class fees, private lesson fees, court booking fees, pro shop purchases, etc). If you have linked family members to your account, the statement will include the charges and payments for these linked family members as well. You will have until the 14th of the month to review the statement, contact us with any questions or make any payments (cash, check, credit card) toward the statement balance. On the 15th of the month, any remaining statement balance will be automatically charged to the credit card on your account.

You may view your statement activity at any time by simply logging into your account from the comfort of your own home or at one of the computer stations in the lobby at MLTC East. You may also make credit card payments for a statement balance or current balance right from your account at any time. Check payments can be dropped off at the club or mailed to: MLTC, 10 Granite Road, Acton, MA 01720. Cash payments can be made at the front desk at MLTC East, 10 Granite Road, Acton.

Any questions about billing should be directed to our Business Manager, Danielle Herr, at billing@marcuslewisenterprises.com or 978-264-8349, ext. 2.


The MLTC allows the prorating of classes during particular seasons and for specific situations. During the spring and fall, players may prorate out ONE class during each session provided we know the date when you register. During the longer summer and winter sessions, players may prorate out up to TWO classes, again, provided we know the dates when you register for the class. We emphasize this point because you have to imagine a few hundred participants registering and the logistical nightmare it can create if players:

1. Want to switch their prorated date around.
2. Ask to not commit to the date until after we have already invoiced them.
3. Ask to have a prorated date after they have already committed to the full session.

We are sensitive to trying to accommodate our clients so that they get the most out of the program, however we also have to be responsible with our resources. The exception is if a class has already begun and there is still space. In that event, players may register for any available dates within those classes.


Unless there is an extended serious illness or injury, we CANNOT issue make-up lessons or credits/refunds for missed class dates. Our policy with this used to be otherwise, however with hundreds of players, we were spending too much time on finding spaces for too many players.

Please understand that the last thing we want is for customers to pay for unused lessons, however when a slot is reserved, we have to pay for the court time, the instructor and also the time to program the class.


If it rains during the outdoor season, always check the weather phone to confirm that your class will be held as well as the location. In the event it is cancelled, we will hold a credit for you for a subsequent session or issue a refund.  Credits are issued at the completion of the session.

Guest Policy/Fee

Members wishing to invite a guest to the club for a random court booking or for contract time may do so for the $10 guest fee. The same fee applies to both MLTC East and MLTC West.

In order to participate as a regular player in an MLTC program, players MUST be a member of the facility. There are two exceptions:

1. If a player is a substitute
2. If a player would like to participate in a drop-in cardio class.

In both instances, a guest fee will apply.

Prospective members may try out the facility one time without a guest fee.

There is no limit to the number of times a guest may be invited to the facility.


All credits for class cancellations made by the club are processed at the end of a session. Credits are put into your billing account and automatically applied to your next invoice. If you will not be participating in a program in the near future, a refund may be requested.  Any refunds would be issued in the form of a check.


Players have up to 24 hours to cancel a private lesson.


If a player withdraws from a class, a refund will be granted once the spot is filled minus any dates that were unused. This includes requests for switching classes if it leaves a group with too few players to operate. Withdrawals are not considered for junior players enrolled in our JTP or Masters level program unless there is a serious illness or injury.

Abbreviated Class Time

MLTC clinics run with a minimum of three players, however when a player has prorated out a date, or the class is known to be short players for some other reason and only two players will be present, then a 1.5 hour class will be shortened to one hour. If multiple players have a prorated date such that only one player is remaining, then the remaining player will have a 30-minute private lesson.  1 hour classes will be shortened to a 30-minute private or semi-private lesson if less than 3 players are scheduled to attend.

Booking Courts

If you would like information relative to booking courts at MLTC East, click here.  For information relative to court bookings at MLTC West, please click here.

Women’s Team Placement Guidelines

Women’s Spring and DBH Teams can be very complicated and difficult to manage when there are no set rules in place or when instructors make subjective decisions. We have very specific procedures that we follow to ensure that players understand how our program works and that there is no favoritism between players/pros. With nearly 100 women playing in our spring programs and scores that play during the winter, the process has become incredibly smooth, simple and it is always transparent. You can view Spring Team policies by clicking here and DBH policies by clicking here.