Private Lessons

If you are interested in working in a one on one or a two-to-one ratio with a pro, the rates are as follows:

Private                               $100/hour    $60/half-hour
Semi-private                      $57.50/hour per person
Private w/video analysis    $133 (click here for more info)   $80/half-hour

Candid Advice About Private Instruction

A question that comes up every year is, “Does my child really need private instruction?” To answer that, there are really two main advantages of one-on-one advice:

– The player receives 100% of the instructor’s attention.

– The instructor can isolate the player’s particular problem(s).

What are the disadvantages? Cost. For many, $100 per week is not an extravagance that can be afforded on a consistent basis.

Without question, your child will improve more quickly with a regular private lesson each week. However, a player will still see significant improvement through group lessons and outside playing alone. Another option is to seek private advice as needed. This is helpful when a particular stroke is failing or if your child’s game simply needs a little adjusting.

With that in mind, you should try and discern your child’s motivation level. If he/she is doing tennis as a once-in-awhile hobby, then private instruction may not be worth the time. If your child has aspirations of playing competitively in tournaments or for a team, then private instruction should be a consideration.