Junior Challenger Series League

What is it?

The Junior Challenger Series League is an excellent training ground for match experience

The JCSL is a competitive, in-house junior league that helps kids learn to play matches and helps those who already play to become better competitors. The ultimate goal is to prepare players for tournament and school league competition.

The program is run through our sister organization, The Massachusetts Tennis Association (MTA).  One of the functions of the MTA is to provide accurate ratings for players so that they can be properly placed into leagues.

What is the schedule?

You can see the JCSL schedule by visiting our schedule page here.

What is the cost?

This program breaks down to being only $21 per match for 1.5 hours and $28 for 2 hours!  Players must also have a membership to MLTC East or West in order to participate.  Membership information can be found here.

What is the match format?

In our Sunday doubles match JCSL, players are partnered with, and play against, different players each week.  For yellow ball players, we also offer a Saturday singles match play option.

What are the advantages/disadvantages?

The advantages are substantial:

  1. Consistent feedback at ALL of the matches since a pro will be there to watch.
  2. Practices/clinics are optional.
  3. The levels will be consistent since they are regulated by our organization.

The only disadvantage is that some players may prefer a travel-team experience, but the time commitment to an inter-club travel team is significantly greater.

How do I register?

Please contact Beth at beth@masstennisassociation.com or call her at 978 929 9997.