MLTC West Tennis

The Marcus Lewis Tennis Center offers year-round tennis by placing a seasonal dome over our outdoor courts beginning the last week in September through early May.  Below are answers to some of the most common questions about our facility.

Is there a membership fee?
Yes, players need an indoor membership to participate in our programs during the indoor season.  Adults pay only $165 and juniors have a membership fee of $95 for the indoor season.  If people join after February 1st, the membership fee is prorated to $80 for adults and $45 for juniors. After April vacation, our spring session will begin, and although it will begin indoors, we will not charge a membership fee to anyone participating at that time since the dome will be removed only a few weeks later.

What is the cost of court time?
A flat rate of only $35/hr.  Contract time is at a rate of $37/hr.  Contract time is more expensive because the general court pricing is low and one particular group is holding up that same space and time slot.  At $37/hr, it is still less than at any neighboring facility.

How do you access the facility?
A very unique feature about the indoor season is that the facility has been designed to be self-maintained and independently monitored through a complex security system. Members can enter and exit the facility through the revolving door that faces the parking lot. The door is open when courts are booked.

What about bathroom facilities?
The bathroom facilities are located in the upstairs portion of the clubhouse that is joined via a walkway. The clubhouse is open to the public Monday through Friday from 7:00AM-4:00PM. Outside of those hours, key cards are kept in the dome which members can use to enter the clubhouse.

How do people pay membership fees and book courts?
There is a fully automated online joining & reservation system here..  Courts can get booked right from your home or cell phone.

 If a member wants to book court time to play and one or more of the players is not a member, is this allowed and is there be a non-member/guest fee for the non-member players?
There is a $10 guest fee per person if you would like to have non-members join you on the court (this is also for juniors eight years-old and older). When you register for a court online, you will need to list your guests and pay for them at that time.

The guest policy is enforced through auditing of our online booking records as well as the elaborate video surveillance system we have installed.

Do you have “set” available contract times or can people set up a contract time for whenever they want?
We designate blocks of time that can be sold for contracts.  The beauty of our season is that the indoor contract time is far less expensive than at other facilities, not only because of the $37/hr cost, but also because of the length of our season.  Since it does not begin until the beginning of October and it concludes at the end of our Winter Session, players are not paying for indoor time when they would likely prefer to be playing outdoors at some of the best times of the year.

Other details:
-When first entering the dome area, players walk into a “staging area” where they are able to take off their shoes, hang their coat and walk behind the courts with minimal disturbance to the other players.  Seating is also located in this area for parents or viewers.

– A digital clock is on the premises letting players know exactly when their time is up.

– Our policies and procedures will answer many more questions about the facility.

Feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions!

– MLTC Staff