MLTC West Indoor Tennis Policies & Procedures

It is very important to familiarize yourself with the following operational protocols for our West facility since the environment is self-regulated and does not use a front desk to coordinate classes or monitor courts:

  • When first entering the facility you will find yourself in a “staging area” next to court #1. When it is wet, it would be ideal to bring another pair of dry shoes and place your wet ones into a cubby. If you do not have a pair of dry shoes, then please be sure to wipe your feet off on the carpet and do not track outside dirt and water onto the court surface.
  • From this staging area, you may hang your coat on one of the racks and place your items into an available cubby. There is also seating available for viewing.
  • As a courtesy to players (particularly those on court #1), please try not to be too loud.
  • Always wait until a point is over before walking behind a court to get to your own court.
  • We have taken the liberty of positioning a digital clock in the facility so that players know EXACTLY when their time begins and ends. Please DO NOT play beyond your allotted time. This rule will be strictly enforced, as it has an impact on our ability to keep prices low and it also will have an immediate effect on players coming onto the court after you. Security tapes are reviewed daily and we would prefer not to contact you for this reason.
  • Courts may be reserved up to 7 days in advance.
  • When booking a court, you MUST list all parties and guests (includes juniors age 7 and up) who will be playing on your court. This is VERY important! You will see a space to list up other members on a court. Simply enter in the first few letters of either the first or the last name and it will populate the field with the other potential members’ names. If you are listing a guest, there is a space that will appear when you choose the number of guests. Please add their name(s). If you make a reservation and do not include the other names, you are guaranteed to get an email from us. It’s the only means we have of verifying who is a member and who is a guest. If you have privacy concerns, the system is designed so that you have the option to hide your name from the public, however our administrative personnel can still view it. There is a $10 fee per guest.
  • If you decide to cancel a court, it must be within 24 hours, otherwise the system will automatically charge you for it. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds if you are inside of this time frame and are not able to keep your reservation.
  • If you need to use the restroom facilities, they are located in the clubhouse. The clubhouse is open from 7:00AM-4:00PM Monday through Friday. During the off-hours, there are two swipe cards that are located in the staging area that will unlock the clubhouse. The cards are attached to a mini-racquet and a set of red balls so that they are virtually impossible to lose. These items can be found hanging on the side of one of the black cubbies. Please be sure to return them back to the staging area!
  • When using the clubhouse, please only use the restroom facilities. There is a property rental office upstairs that will be become agitated if there is additional activity within the building.
  • The tennis facility is left open when staff are onsite or when courts are booked so that players can easily come and go. When staff are not onsite or if courts are not booked, then the facility will be locked.
  • If you need to add a guest at the last second to your reservation and do not have access to the website, then please call 978 264 8349 ext. 2 BEFORE going onto the court and leave a message with your name, the name of your guest(s) and the time of your reservation. We will invoice you for the add-on.

If there are any problems onsite that need immediate assistance or emergencies, please dial 508 289 1662. If you have other general questions, please use the contact information found here.

Please understand that in order for us to offer rates that are far below other organizations’, we have to be as efficient as possible and we need everyone to comply with the rules.