MLTC East Tennis

When you join Marcus Lewis Tennis Center East, you become a member at BOTH our East and West facilities.

What is the membership fee?
You can find a fee schedule here.

What is the cost of court time?
Court time is a flat rate of $40/hr.  Contract time is at a rate of $42/hr.  Contract time is more expensive because the general court pricing is relatively low and one particular group is holding up that same space and time slot.

Booking the outdoor courts is free for members, however there is a $10 guest fee for each person who is not a member.

How do people pay membership fees and book courts?
There is a fully automated online joining & reservation system here.  Courts can get booked right from your home or cell phone.

 If a member wants to book court time to play and one or more of the players is not a member, is this allowed and is there be a non-member/guest fee for the non-member players?
There is a $10 guest fee per person if you would like to have non-members join you on the court (this is also for juniors eight years-old and older). When you register for a court online, you will need to list your guests and pay for them at that time.

Other details:

– Our policies and procedures will answer many more questions about the facility.

Feel free to drop us a note if you have any questions!

– MLTC Staff