How to Register

How to Register for Private Lessons

To schedule a private/semi private lesson for yourself or your child, simply call Renee Giordano at 978-264-8349 (ext. 6). You may also email her directly at  She will put you in contact with one of our trained professionals. Please click here for more information regarding private instruction.

How to Register for Group Classes

STEP 1: Evaluation – If your child has never played with us before, you will want to contact the appropriate programmer (see above).  If necessary we will schedule a free, 5-10 minute evaluation for your child to determine an accurate level.  From there we will offer suggestions for appropriate classes. If your child already has a USTA rating or has played in our program within the last year, he/she is exempt from this step.

STEP 2: Dates Off – At the MLTC, we understand that players are often unable to attend all classes within a session; therefore, we allow players to take one class off in the spring and fall, and two classes during the winter and summer sessions. Remember, these dates must be determined prior to signing up so that we have ample opportunity to fill the empty slot. If you do not give us any off dates, you are responsible for any classes that you miss!

STEP 3: Payment -After agreeing on a class and which dates your child will miss, an MLTC programmer will register your child for the class. A confirmation email will be sent to you with all of the details.  Payments are processed through your online account. If questions/issues arise after receiving the confirmation, the programmer will be happy to help you out.