The Hall of Champions – Adults

The Hall of Champions features
MLTC teams who have won a travel team division
2023 USTA 40+ 3.5 Women’s Team District Champions

Team Members
Liz Osche, Karen Johnson, Aimee Bell, Diane Silverman, Jingsong Li, Diane Baumgartner, Anne Eaddy-Gudin, Joy Shen, Pamela Connolly, Carolyn Fransisco, Janet Fedyk and Anne Mullaney.
MLTC Staff Members on the team: Cheryl Witty (captain), Elaine Chin and Jackie Scheafer.


MLTC A2 Spring League

From left to right: Cindy Cannuscio, Liz Berk, Diane Silverman,Lindsay Cao,
Sally Pendleton,Martha Papalia,Asako Judson,Christi Nickerson, Beth
Reynolds, Nicole Bloomfield

2018 CMITA League

Men’s A Champions

From left to right: Patrick Mcgillicuddy, Garry Miller, Nathan Taschereau, Barry Ndinya, Brian Kuscher, Dave Saxe, Kartik Raman

Not present: Dwight Moore

2018 CMITA League

Men’s A1 Champions

From left to rightEric Schnadig, Dave Corbett, Rick Margolies, Mark Coronis, Chris Briller, Larry Walsh

Not present: Phan Nguyen, Jeremy Heineman, Kevin Charland, John Ritter, Nagaraj Vukutur, Alexi Joannidis, Cary Spanbauer

2016 Northwest Suburban Tennis League

MLTC B1 Spring League

From left to right: Karen Johnson, John Hattersley (coach), Kim Houston, Cheryl Witty, Kristen Ansted, Meg Staknis, Beth Dube, Tara Spaulding (coach), Aimee Bell

2016 DBH 4 Team

North Divison Winners

Top from left to rightAnastasia Fayerman, Lindsey Gund, Terri Frankel, Tara Spaulding (coach), Suzanne Schultze, Amy Simon

Bottom from left to rightStephanie Margolien, Susan Brager Murphy, Robin D’Anna, Kyoko Lowinger

Missing from the picture: Alyce McNeil

2016 DBH 3 Team

Central Division Winners

Top from left to right: Judy Vaughn, Tara Spaulding (coach), Karen Johnson, Beth Dube, Alex Mojica, Deanna Morse, Kathy McCullen

Bottom from left to right: Asako Judson, Cheryl Witty,  Amy Reichle, Joy Shen

2015 40+ USTA 3.0

1st place in New England, 3rd at USTA Nationals

Front row left to rightChristi Nickerson, Cheryl Witty, Anne Mullaney, Meg Staknis, Tina Soo Hoo, Mitzi Weil, Sara Misch

Back row left to rightCindy Cannuscio, Sally Pendleton, Tina Proffitt, Danielle Herr

2015 DBH 2 Green

North Division Winners

Top from left to right: Linda Della Volpe, Priti Patel, Penny Nuse

Bottom from left to right: Maureen Dibble, Katie Fahey, Veronica Erston

Not present: Lizzie Lewis, AJ Griswold, Bethany Gibson, Kathi O’Neil

2015 DBH 4 Green

North Division Winners

Top from left to right: Danielle Herr, Sally Pendleton, Christi Nickerson, Meg Staknis, Cindy Cannuscio

Middle from left to right: Liz Berk

Bottom from left to right: Jill Tsakiris, Jill O’Brien

Not present: Beth Athanasoulas, Irene Todd

2015 Northwest Suburban Tennis League

B1 Champions

Top from left to right: Coach Tara Spaulding, Terri Frankel, Kate Feininger, Amy Keane, Martha Papalia, Jill O’Brien, Mitzi Weil, Danielle Herr

Bottom from left to right: Christi Nickerson, Liz Berk

Missing from photo: Pam Higgins