Women’s Challenger Series


Stepping into a stretch volley.

If you are a female player at a 2.75-4.0 level (low intermediate-high intermediate), then you may have an interest in our Challenger Series League (CSL). This program has become the most popular play program in Acton alongside the traditional Spring Team league and it has been one of our most successful programs for the rest of the year. Participants play a series of eight matches with and against different players at their level. At the conclusion of the event, the player with the most points has the option to move up to the next level the following season.

Who is in it?

Players from various clubs who play at the 2.75-4.0 levels.

What is the schedule?

You can see the CSL schedule by visiting our schedule page and clicking here.

What is the cost?

One key difference with the program is that the practices are optional, so you can do only the play portion if you would like. The cost for just the each match comes out to being just $20 for 1.5 hours of play.

What is the match format?

Players are partnered with a different player each week and they play against different opponents each week. The matches are scored with deuces (“ad scoring”) the same as in Spring League, except they will end after exactly 1.5 hours versus being played out for an indefinite amount of time like the Spring Team format.

Each week, your scores are recorded using the following system:

The MLTC believes in friendly competition 🙂

Division standings will be determined by the highest average number of points won per match during the season:
3 points per match played
2 points per set won
2 points per match won
6 points per default win
-2 points per default loss

Example 1: 6-4, 6-4 – Winner: 9 points; Loser: 3 points
Example 2: 3-6, 6-4, 7-5 – Winner: 9 points; Loser: 5 points
Example 3: Default (no sub played) – Winner: 6 points; Loser: -2 points

Why is it done this way? Because winning a match 7-6, 7-6, is very different than winning 6-0, 6-0. By calculating points in this fashion, it will provide a more accurate representation of a player’s level, thereby allowing us to place players properly.

What are the advantages/disadvantages?

A great shot of going after the high volley.

The advantages are substantial:

1. No traveling!
2. Your match times will be known well in advance (they can vary greatly when playing against other clubs).
3. Consistent feedback at ALL of your matches since they are always at home and a pro will be there to watch.
4. Practices are optional.
5. No more coordinating with other clubs about times, places, weather, etc.
6. The levels will be consistent since they are regulated by our organization.

About the only disadvantage is if you wanted to play with the same player all the time. In this instance that will not happen, however the beauty of playing with someone different each week is the potential to meet other players and to possibly find others with whom you may have great chemistry.

How will the points be used?

Whoever has the most points will have the option of getting bumped up to a higher division.

How do I register?

Please contact Susan atsusan@masstennisassociation.com or call her at 978 264 8451.

Some players are doing this in addition to playing in their inter-club matches while others are doing it in place of those programs. It will be a great opportunity to meet players from other programs, receive feedback at all of your matches and to play in an environment without any politics or extraneous distractions!

A more informal version of this program is also run during summer and fall.


A dream come true for many players: a singles league! The MLTC offers its Singles Flex League program that operates for both morning and evening players during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Men and women are in the same divisions but leveled appropriately.

During the indoor season, there is a fee of only $20 for the entire session and the opponents reserve an indoor court. During the spring, summer and fall, the fee is only $49 per session and players can play at any suitable venue and with no time limit! The Singles Flex League manages this by organizing the players and putting you in touch with your opponents. Together you schedule the matches using available local courts and the winner reports the scores to us.

This league is inexpensive, flexible and the level is controlled to ensure that it is competitive. The season is a relatively short period of between seven to ten weeks. For more information, please contact Susan atsusan@masstennisassociation.com or call her at 978 264 8451. You will need to send her a listing of the days and times when you are available.