The Playmate Ball Machine

At MLTC East, members can reserve our top-of-the-line ball machine for $12/hr.

What do you get for that $12?  Meet the Playmate Deuce.  It can hold an impressive number of balls (300), but what’s under the hood is where this tech-marvel really shines.

Basic ball machines allow you to work on a single type of shot such as forehand groundstrokes.  A better machine will oscillate and mix up the directions.  Some are able to vary the amount of spin and speed to a certain degree.

So what’s different about this machine?  Most points in tennis are not very rhythmic.  There is a mix of spin, direction, height etc.  Imagine setting the machine so that the first shot is a flat ball to your forehand, the second is a moonball to the backhand, the third is a heavy topspin hit back to your forehand and the fourth is a short approach shot with backspin down the middle.  This machine can do that.

Looking to hit like a pro?  The Playmate can send the balls at a blazing speed of up to 90MPH; just as fast as the hardest hit groundstrokes on the professional tour.  You can even randomize it so that you have no idea what’s coming and you can turn it on/off from the other side of the court using the pocket remote.  This machine is nothing less than amazing.

So if you want the ultimate training partner who never misses and who can give you exactly what you want, try booking the Playmate the next time you reserve a court at MLTC East and get a great experience with the best machine that’s out there.