Adult Group Lessons

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis classes are a fantastic workout while also being great for your tennis game. Players have an opportunity to hit a large number of shots while keeping their feet moving and burning calories.

Some drills are constructed in point-play fashion while others are rapid ball-feeding. We have designed this class to be customized to your ability and endurance level. If you feel you need more of a challenge or if the intensity is too high, the instructor can vary the difficulty for each person.


Clinics are typically the most popular form of tennis instruction because of the balance between physical activity and cost effectiveness. Adult clinics at the MLTC are customized to the needs and level of each person and can be scheduled morning, noon and night. The adult clinics are designed for beginners through advanced players and contain between 3-5 players (up to six if there is more than one court).

Stroke of the Week

In this one-hour class, players work strictly on just one shot. The typical rotation is forehands for the first class, backhands for the second, volleys third, overheads and lastly, serves.

Stroke of the week is ideal for the player who is struggling with a specific shot and needs to review and solidify the fundamentals. It is also for the player who is looking for a lot of repetition, but does not have the time during the week to drill the stroke.

Tactical Targeting

Being able to hit the ball to specific areas of the court at specific times is crucial to winning points, games, sets and matches. Tactical Targeting works on your ability to hit your target while placing emphasis on tactical significance in a variety of situations. Repetition and visual aids are the key components of this program so that players will learn to identify parts of the court to attack. There is even a new can of balls used as a target at every class; hit it and you keep it!

Repetition is the mother of skill, so you can expect to be see lots of balls during this program.

Technique of the Week

Similar to stroke of the week, Technique of the Week is designed to focus on a singular aspect of the game.

In this more advanced offering, players learn how to execute and improve their usage of topspin, approach shots, drop shots & angle vollies, service placement and lob coverage.

Though targeted to the player looking for the competitive edge, this program will be an asset to anyone who is at a 3.0 level or higher.

Women’s Coaching

If you play competitively on a club team or if you are simply seeking a stronger knowledge of the game of doubles, then this is for you. Come train with players from other area clubs in a fun and fast-paced drill environment. The program is divided into one hour of drilling and 30 minutes of critiqued play. Learn and master the skills of proper positioning, shot placement and point construction through these specialized exercises and play format.

Coachings have specific level designations that range from low intermediate through advanced, so we will get you placed properly.


All of these classes are run at various times during the week and on the weekends.

If you are looking for a schedule of classes, you find it by clicking here. or by contacting our Adult Programmer, Cheryl.