Hit with a Pro

There’s no doubt that hitting with a better player improves your game.

Instead of hitting with a ball machine, why not try one of our pros? Forehands, backhands, volleys… whatever you want to work on, our Pros will serve it up to you.

While not specifically part of the program, they may provide the occasional tip.  A one-hour private lesson is $100, however Hit with the Pro is only $70/hour.

For adult players who are serious about improving your game, this is an ideal option. When watching more advanced players in matches, unfortunately you do not see the amount of practice and drilling that comes with that level of play. If the backhand groundstroke is inconsistent, if work is needed on serve & volley or if you do not feel able to poach using the backhand volley, these can all be addressed through this program.


Private                  $70/hour        $40/half hour
Semi-private         $35/hour per person

To book a session to Hit with a Pro, please call us at:  978 264 8349